Chanquanshu is a school that teaches exercise systems based upon Daoist principles of ‘Internal Energy’

There are four exercise systems within the school,

·         Taijiquan (Tai Chi)

·         Qigong

·         Quanshu (Kung-Fu)

·         Nei Dan (Daoist Meditation)

Each system can be pursued as an individual discipline, or they can also be combined to complement each other.

These systems are extremely complimentary to each other as there are underlying principles that adhere to all of them.

These principles are:

·         Physical awareness, structural alignment and tendon activation.

·         Coordination of physical movement & breath control.

·         Coordination and refinement of consciousness.

·         Relaxation.

·         Qi energy movement.

·         Spiritual development.

It is partly due to these underlying principles that have given these exercise systems a reputation all over the world for their general well-being & health building properties. Health is defined as being a complete state of, physical, emotional & mental well-being and not just the absence of disease. There is more to exercise than just losing excess weight or changing how your body looks. Although there is nothing wrong with these goals it is also beneficial to incorporate types of exercise that are more holistically health orientated.