Chanquanshu is a school that teaches health promoting gentle exercise routines, meditation and martial arts, all based upon Daoist principles of internal energy management.

The Chanquanshu School Of Daoist Arts was established in Moray in 1983 by principle instructor Mr Gordon Faulkner. Now based in Inverness, Gordon still oversees the branch of his school now known as Moray Chanquanshu.

There are five individual disciplines within the Chanquanshu School. The five disciplines are powerful tools that can transform an individual, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Together the disciplines combine and compliment each other to the same end. Each discipline can be pursued as an individual practice, or they can be combined in any order.

The following is a brief overview of each discipline, for a more detailed explanation use the navigation bar above.

Taijiquan (Tai Chi)

Taijiquan is meditation in motion. A slow moving martial art that is renowned for its therapeutic health building properties. Taijiquan is a gentle exercise system that can bring health benefits to the young and fit as well as the elderly and people with limited mobility.

Quanshu (Kung - Fu)

Commonly known as Kung Fu, Quanshu is learning fighting skills. It is a non competitive traditional martial art that develops physical and mental conditioning ideal for self defence.

Daoyin (Qigong)

Daoyin is a system of short gentle exercise routines, involving breath control, stimulation of key acupoints, self massage and mental development.

Daoist Meditation

Within the Chanquanshu School we teach a range of traditional Daoist Meditation routines that allow the student to progress slowly using beginner to intermediate to advanced techniques.

Chinese Therapeutic Massage

Chinese Therapeutic Massage is different to most other forms of massage, not only does it treat muscular ailments associated with general massage, it also treats internal conditions and negative emotional disorders.

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